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My mission is to assist you in developing and creating high-quality content that entertains, enchants and educates. I focus on exceptional storytelling, unique concepts and relatable, fun characters with international appeal.
I take a client-centred approach and tailor each project to suit your individual needs.


Development Producer

I have a strong track record of overseeing the ideation and development of IP across all genres/formats - from early stage proposals to pitching at Commissioner level. I have established and maintained high level relationships with international co-production partners and have an excellent knowledge of scriptwriters, as well as strong existing relationships with a wide range of creators and studios. I am proactive in gaining insights to market trends across all media, with specialities in animation, games and toys. I can manage the creation of pitch materials and can seek out new content and creators for your slate as well as contribute to the ongoing development strategy of your team.


Creative Consultancy
If you have an existing IP or are at the development stage, then I can guide you in the right direction with insider industry knowledge and experience. Perhaps you have already pitched to broadcasters and studios and they showed interest but not enough to sign. Maybe you just need some fresh input or re-adjusting to target a more international audience or specific genre.
~ Speciality: Consulting on adapting and developing intellectual properties to prepare for market and pitching.



Concepts for film, TV, books, toys, licensed characters and interactive media.
~ Speciality: Children’s series format creation for television based on your IP or my own.


Pitch Bibles/Decks/Treatments/Proposals
A series pitch bible is your essential selling tool when pitching to buyers, studios and broadcasters. I am highly experiences in writing these materials and have also taught masterclasses around the world on the subject.
~ Speciality: I can write your bible from scratch or based on an existing story, concept or characters.


Creative Writing
Story writing for publishing, TV and toys. If you need story content please get in touch.
~ Speciality: Creating branching narratives for interactive games, writing bedtime stories and TV series story tie-ins


Professional scriptwriting for television, film and interactive media including apps and games.
~ Speciality: Pre-school, bridge and family friendly content for animation and live-action formats.


Research and Development
Character, story and background research for your projects (e.g. historical, geographical, fantasy)
~ Speciality: Detailed character descriptions and cast matrix development for your TV, toys or multi-media projects.


Visual Development
I have a Masters in Design for Film and am highly experienced in visual research and development for characters, costumes and locations.
~ Specialty: Mood boards and visual idea generation for character and set design.



Please contact me for a quote or see WGGB rates here:


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